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The price of Effexor XR without insurance can be shocking to many people, especially if they have no other choice but to pay for it out of pocket, having no insurance of coupons. You also cannot get this drug without a prescription at your local pharmacy - as any other antidepressant, it can only be purchased with a prescription from your doctor. No wonder so many people choose to purchase Effexor XR no prescription over the internet - not only is it cheaper, it's also more convenient that way. Buying venlafaxine at Canada pharmacy can save you tons of money, while the quality of your treatment will be the same.


Can I buy quality venlafaxine without prescription at online pharmacy?

Those choosing to buy venlafaxine XR without prescription over the internet often wonder if they are getting the same quality treatment as they would if they were to see their doctor first and then purchase the drug from the local pharmacy. The truth is, as long as you make sure the generic venlafaxine comes from a reputable and fully licensed manufacturer, there is no reason to doubt its quality. Chemically, your generic Effexor EXTENDED-RELEASE will be exactly the same - and that means the same benefits, as much as the same side effects if you get any.


How to order Effexor with no prescription at the right dose?

The usual dose of venlafaxine is 75 mg a day administered as two or three divided doses of 25 mg, with dose increased to 150 if needed. There is also a combination treatment with 225 mg Effexor and 30 mg mirtazapine that works better for some people. It's important to take it at regular intervals and follow the dose prescribed very carefully. This antidepressant must be taken at the lowest efficient dose, so if a certain dosage seems to work well without causing side effects, you should stick with it and avoid taking more.


Is there any weight gain with Effexor?

Changes in appetite and weight are possible when using this medicine to treat depression. However, following a healthier lifestyle and exercising regularly is just as essential for the treatment to be successful as taking the medicine regularly. No matter if you ordered Effexor without prescription at pharmacy operating online or got it with a prescription, this needs to be taken into account.